Go Green and Energy Efficient with LED Lights
Fobsun offers premium quality LED lights with affordable price to our customers. All our LED lights come with top quality Cree, Osram, Nichia or Epistar LEDs, which ensure not only high efficiency but also low heat generation. The LED lights adopt unique thermal design and are manufactured with advanced workmanship. Various types of LED lights are available from Fobsun to meet different lighting requirements. Whatever your lighting requirement is, there will be an appropriate solution for it from the vast range of our LED lights. LED lights have become more and more popular among customers recently. Thanks to the high efficacy of LEDs, LED lights are much more energy efficient than conventional lights.

Since LEDs generate much less heat than traditional light source, LED lights are cool to touch. Without any hazardous materials, LED lights are 100% environment friendly with a long lifetime of over 50,000 hours. LED lights are solid state lighting fixtures which hardly need any maintenance costs and bulb replacement costs during their lifetime. Although LED lights are still a little bit pricey, they pay off in the long run. As technology developed, LED lights become more affordable not only for commercial lighting but also for residential lighting. Due to these advantages, LED lights are the best replacements for conventional lights. Just go green and energy efficient by switching your energy wasting and toxic incandescent and fluorescent to LED lights. 

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Fobsun Mission Statement:

Fobsun is a global leading provider of LED lights, LED lighting solutions with high efficiency and eco-friendly technology. Fobsun designs, develops, manufactures and markets high-end compact LED lights and incandescent replacements for professional applications.

We all know LED technology is changing rapidly and the updating for products becomes so fast, and it is essential to introduce the latest technological innovation earlier than our competition does. Fobsun engineers are always staying at the forefront of led technology, and possess critical skills to design and develop the latest and most sophisticated optics and electronics that provide Fobsun's products with high CRI and sufficient light lumens output as well as compatibility with all existing dimmer types.

As a professional supplier of LED lights, Fobsun is famous for competitive price and reliable quality, Fobsun creates led lighting products containing no toxic mercury with more efficiency and longer lasting life than both incandescents and CFLs.

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